Temperature changes in Europe 1935-1975; autumn season (SON)


Surface air temperature changes September-November 1935-1975 estimated as the difference between the simple 11yr means for the periods 1930-1940 and 1970-1980. Longitudes and latitudes are indicated along the axis of the diagram.


Autumn (September-November)

The period 1935-1975 is generally recognised in Europe as a period of widespread cooling following the temperature peak reached 1930-1940. For the autumn season this was true for most of Europe . A band of net warming or little change, however, is seen to extend across Europe from areas north of the Black Sea in the east, to England-Ireland in the west. Cooling was especially pronounced in northernmost Europe . The isolated area with net warming in this region may be the result of local fohn effects along the Norwegian coast due to frequent easterly or southeasterly winds.