Temperature changes in Europe 1900-1935; mean annual change


Surface air temperature changes January-December 1900-1935 estimated as the difference between the simple 11yr means for the periods 1895-1905 and 1930-1940. Longitudes and latitudes are indicated along the axis of the diagram.



The period 1900-1935 is generally in Europe recognised as a period of rapid warming after the end of the Little Ice Age. The warming, however, was most pronounced in northern and northwestern Europe. Maximum warming was experienced in northernmost Norway, Sweden and Finland. The western Mediterranean and the region north of the Black Sea deviate from this pattern, and were actually regions of cooling. One contributing factor to the pronounced warming in north Europe 1900-1935 might be that the south-west wind component and the warm water inflow to the Barents Sea apparently both reached a century-long minima in the early years of the 20th century (Dickson and Østerhus 2007).